💎Jewelry Care💎

Caring for your Jewelry:

General Care and Information:

Make sure you are familiar with the materials and stones your jewelry contains, I do my best to provide as much information as possible to ensure you are well informed on the best way to care for your new jewelry. I recommend becoming familiar with how fragile your piece is, if its water safe, how long it can be exposed to direct sunlight, ect. Feel free to reach out via email or social media if you would like more information or clarification on anything! 

  I use genuine high quality metals for all my jewelry, however it is not recommended to sleep, exercise, shower, or expose TheMadTeaPartyShop jewelry to chemicals such as chlorine normally found in swimming pools and hot tubs.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as some stones may be sensitive to the sun.

Although I do my best to secure all my Wire-wrapped jewelry, it is more fragile than other jewelry so they should be handled with care to prevent damage as I am not responsible for any damages that may occur after purchase.

Do not use harsh chemicals or water to clean your jewelry. I include a complementary polishing cloth with every order to ensure your piece stays shinny and polished. Do not wash or moisten the polishing cloth as it contain a polishing compound that can be ruined when wet.

Silver and Copper naturally oxidize with time and require a cleaning and polish to restore their luster and shine. You can achieve this using the polishing cloth included in with your order.


Materials I Use:

.925 Solid Sterling Silver

Sterling silver may tarnish over time with exposure to elements, water, and skin contact. This can be minimized with proper care (like avoiding contact with water and perfume) and cleaning. If cared for properly, solid silver jewelry can last for generations to come.

14K Gold Fill

Genuine 14k gold fill gold should not tarnish, but to keep jewelry in the best condition possible, I would recommend minimizing exposure to water and products like perfume, lotion, and chemical jewelry cleaner. Proper cleaning helps too, and gold-filled pieces should last decades if taken care of properly.

Solid Copper

Copper naturally tarnishes over time. I use liver of sulfur to speed up the oxidizing process and achieve an antiqued look. Copper does require more maintenance to keep it shiny and clean however it can last for generations if properly taken care of.